When we go through moments, challenges, fire, the weight / pain / shame becomes too heavy to carry then we stop thinking and eventually we stop trying. Our Father who created us never stops watching. He is always ready to carry us through when the time is right and most importantly when we step back and let Him.

Sometimes, even when we step back and call on Him, He doesn’t show up and change the situation the way we want or how we think it should be. He just lets us go through the fire and that is all because He wants us to go through that process which will enable us to get on to the other side.

A lot of what we go through is just a PROCESS to take us to the other side (VICTORY) but how we accept and approach that moment will determine the final outcome.

Ask God who is the ultimate provider and our only source to give you wisdom or show you how to go through what you are going through. Trust me you will find yourself go through fire, come out on the other side, maybe with some burns and a few bruises but more refined and ready for the greater reward. There is a country song by Rodney Atkins that says “If you’re going through Hell, keep on going, don’t slow down. If you’re scared, don’t show it. You might get out before the devil even knows you’re there”

That is so true, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get with the flow and make the best of what you have with what you have looking on the positive.

If you love wine, you sure do appreciate a nice glass of high-quality wine, but do you know wine comes from grapes? These grapes need to be crushed to produce that wine. So when you are going through YOUR MOMENTS, ask for wisdom, guidance, endurance and perseverance to be able to go through it. When you are able to COMPLETE the process, then will you see the results and may or may not understand why you had to go through that process or formation but you will be transformed and ready for bigger and better things including more challenges that you will be able to handle.

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