Ideally, we all should have a PURPOSE in this life but the truth is; it is sometimes hard to figure out what that PURPOSE is and if you feel like you do not know your PURPOSE in this life ask yourself who you truly are.

Who are you without all the masks or layers?

Who are you when no one is looking?

Who are you deep inside when you are crying all by yourself?

Who are you Truly?

I am not talking about the who you want to be neither am I talking about the who that other people think you are, I am talking about the who that you see when you look at the mirror.

When you figure out that who that you are at that moment, then ask yourself what that “WHO” likes and what that “WHO” is passionate about.

That passion at that moment will lead you to your destination. But you must remember that your purpose and passion will change at different stages of your life but some will remain constant. It is quite alright to have more than one purpose in life.

Your purpose in life will or may change based on your destination at that specific time but that will never change the FINAL DESTINATION.

When we have a PURPOSE, we do everything to achieve it so if you cannot figure out your PURPOSE, figure out your PASSION, for your PASSION will lead you to your destination.

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