Sometimes it feels like fooling yourself to just believe, trust and have faith in the Supreme one, omnipotent; that someone you can not see or touch.

Friends, It is “A-OK” to trust blindly or let me say have “BLIND FAITH” just to see what happens next. When fear creeps in, it will ( just a matter of time)cause you to doubt.

If and when that happens you need to tell yourself that you have only got ONE choice, one only which is to have that faith whether you succeed or NOT.

FEAR is our biggest ENEMY/DEVIL. Our minds are the enemy’s target. The enemy within (the enemy is mostly within us) attacks your mind, injects FEAR into yuour mind which translates into DOUBT, CONFUSION, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, UNDECISIVENESS which all translates back into FEAR, and then, BOOM!! we start feeling unworthy, not privileged, confused, frustrated, depressed, angry, inadequate etc. then slowly start to give up inside, which transmits to our entire body system, and then we fail before we even get the chance to be saved.

This is a very common trend that we all find ourselves in every now and then, but until you make a decision to consciously pick yourself up from that self sorrowing, pity party or death path, nothing better will happen to you.

Love yourself enough to want to get in touch with your INNER SELF, get to know who you truly are without all the layers of what you want people to think you are, what you think you are or how people think you are or should be.


By loving yourself enough to want to succeed for you, you must do the things that you know you need to do to overcome FEAR and/or DOUBTS whether in yourself or in that Supreme one who holds your hand. No one else can do these things for you; only YOU, for YOU. You will find out just how easy it is when you get a hang of it. You will be Free because He died on the cross to set us free. He took the fall for us all. Just try leaving all your worries on the floor: lay them down at His feet like I did when I went on my knees and asked the Lord to take me if that was His will. When I thought there was no way out for me, no help to get the health that I needed…that was when HE showed up and blessed me through the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. YES, it will happen to you too, He will show up for you, too. He has got more than enough MERCY, LOVE and LIFE to give.

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