Many times, when we fall, we feel small, beaten and defeated and afraid to stand again or refuse to get up.

Let me spin this around for a moment. When you fall ( hey! it’s ok to fall), start small by lifting yourself up slowly, push yourself to your knees or feet, then push yourself some more to a Stooping position (whatever you decide your stooping position is make sure it is good enough to help you gather as much strength as you will need ) while you gather momentum remember this; you can only jump much higher by stooping, you cannot stand and jump as high. So, in life when you fall consider it the “stooping moment” while you gather momentum to spring forward and higher than ever.

Even Humpty Dumpty was able to get up after a great fall, all the King’s great men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but Humpty Dumpty was the only one able to put himself back together again after that great fall. When Humpty Dumpty got up and was able to put himself back together again, he looked much better, stronger and ready for whatever mountains and valleys that laid ahead of him.

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