The MIND is the only thing that cannot be decoded, that is why we should not let any one control our minds or what we think.

Words are the vehicle through which our thoughts are conveyed. Whenever we open our mouths to speak, it is our thoughts driven into the air, so it is very important to articulate properly.

The more we articulate, the better we speak other people’s language (Language as in adjusting to the environment we find ourselves in).

The POWER of LIFE and DEATH is in the TONGUE.

If there is one thing the enemy wants is for us to use our mouths to curse ourselves, destroy our selves or speak negative things about ourselves or others.

Our Lord God also wants our mouths to speak positive things and His words to make declarations but limiting ourselves is what the enemy wants. Psalm 45:1

This is a quote I borrowed from an awesome speaker “Your tongue is the PEN of a skillful writer, CAUTION is the pen has no ERASER”

So, when people curse you, all you need to do is assume the reason is because their vocabularies are limited, they are filled with emotions and lack words to express these emotions.

The most powerful thing in the world is your MOUTH not your FIST.  Imagine if you ever get lost you will eventually get found by using your mouth and not your fist.

YOUR LIFE SUBMITS TO YOUR SPEECH, words are so powerful, they can easily be EXTRACTED but hard to RETRACT.

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