Jealousy IS a contagious disease that eats you up and destroys you more than the people you are Jealous of.

I learnt this from a preacher.

 “Jealousy is the Trophy that Mediocrity gives to Excellence.”

If you are afraid of Jealousy of Criticism, then you truly will never step into the totality of what God has installed for you.

We all need to stop worrying about people being jealous of us or Jealousy as a whole and criticism for my friends it comes with the territory, unless you are one of those who are not what God wants them to be. You should embrace jealousy as a SIGN.

Whenever you step into your PURPOSE or DESTINY people will be jealous of you and will criticize you.

Jealousy and criticism go hand in hand (Criticism is a first Cousin to Jealousy), you can choose to use it at your advantage or let it destroy you especially if you worry about what others think of you.

The moment a jealous person or friend believes that you worry about what they think of you, they will take advantage of that “moment of weakness” and criticize you in every way that they can especially when they see you thrive in ways that make them jealous. And they will bring you down..

Friends, we cannot be afraid or worry about Jealousy and Criticism.

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