Having a few CONFIDANTS, one’s life is a great thing. These are people who are with you when and/if you go up and/or down or gets stuck. They know what you are afraid that others will find out but still with you, you don’t get tired of them because you don’t change your behavior in their presence.

There is another group of people in our lives, Constituents

Your constituents are those people who are with you because of the course, they will confuse you because they walk and talk like a confidant, but they are in your life for the course and they are only there for their Mission.

It is okay to have constituent people in your life but it’s most important to know why they are with you.

They will hang around as long as they are getting closer to their mission, but they will leave you and jump right into another fellowship as along as it gets them closer to where they are trying to go. Just remember It was never about you but always about the course hence they will leave you in a heartbeat with your heart broken as long as they find some one else who can take them to their mission.

The truth is, it’s easy to get confused with these two categories of people because they are both doing the same things;

They encourage you, stand by you, walk with you and so on but one of them will stay with you through thin and thick even when your world comes crashing but the other will leave as soon as they think or see a quicker route.

You should be ready to work with people who come and go for you cannot have a room full of confidants, that only happens in a “Not Real World” or in a BUBBLE.

Tell yourself that some people come to your life to get you to your destination so be open and accept when they leave.

Love them when they come and still love them when they leave just like a BUS. Blessed be the name of the Lord for He giveth and He taketh. Don’t get bitter when people come and go stay focused and rejoice on the reason why they were in your life in the first place.

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