Do not be worried when friends and/or family turn against you. Turn those moments of persecution into positive, let it be a sign to reposition yourself for God’s greater blessings.

Persecutions come to prepare you for bigger things but if you run away or give in because of fear then you may never get to enjoy your blessings, or your blessings will get delayed.

We get persecuted so that Glory can manifest in our lives. Every time we feel persecution, we get to another dimension of Glory.

Persecution tries to kill what is in you.

So many people go through hell before getting into position and that is because we all need to get rid of certain things in our lives or certain comforts in our lives to be able to achieve a greater purpose.

The beauty of being persecuted into position is that when you finally get into position you don’t get shaken easily and you don’t fear to fall easily for you have already been through all of that while going through the persecution.

What I am really saying here is that if you can survive persecution you can survive anything.

Examples of persecutions could be dropping out of school, broken marriages or relationships, divorce, loss, rejection, addiction and so on.

Persecution is a good thing, ask God to help you go through it so you can stand in position.

Persecution should never change your MISSION or PURPOSE ( the big picture) even though it can and will change your position.

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