So, PERSECUTION tries to kill what’s inside us but then there is another level we have to face. That other level is call OPPOSITION and it comes in to discredit our ability. Those abilities we struggled to bring out despite all the persecution.

We get persecuted from bringing out our best but when you withstand the storm of Persecution, Opposition jumps in to stop us from going forward or make us give up.

Usually, after we go through persecution and start manifesting our blessings or glory then opposition comes in to force us from taking our ability to the next level.

Friends!! We ought to be vigilant.

Hmm!! Let us look at the positive side of Opposition.

May I say;

1. Opposition is created to force us to take our game to another level. (GAME CHANGER!). Only when we recognize it.

It’s how we dig deeper to pull out that thing inside us, to do the thing that we would have never done if we didn’t have that opposition.

2. Opposition is a training ground and a way to get us to change the way we do things.

It’s important for us to know what opposition is trying to teach us. Opposition has a way of teaching us how to navigate and maneuver through life or challenges, hence everyone needs some sort of opposition in their lives as it’s a way to train us.

Examples or opposition could be toxic relationships trying to discredit your ability or anointing. It could be from your workplace, family etc.

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