For every shaking there must be a prophetic response. Every time something is shaking, God is changing something.

What is going to be our prophetic response to the shaking?

In every single difficult time, circumstances, or situation etc. there is a word. Once you get through the crying or whining you need to know that there is a word in there for you as that is what will sustain you.

God never sends a situation without a word. There is always a word working in our afflictions. It could be as simple as learning to be empathetic or being a testimony to someone else’s life or a purpose being birth in you due to the situation you went through.

Getting to know what that word is will need a recognition that your prophetic response is what your new expression is going to be as a result of what you have come to see..

So based on what you have or are going through, who do you think you are now?

What is your response, how are you going to show up now to the world based on what you know now that to every shaking God has a prophetic word?

So now, big question…”Who is the new you that you want to put into practice, based on what you are going through during this pandemic?”

“Wherever there is opportunity, there is brokenness and there is also pain.”

Think about it!! For an upgrade or change to take place our old self or old situation has to be broken or shaken out for God to put more in us.

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