We all have those moments when everything seems so far away to reach, so hard to catch or touch, friends walk away and trouble walks in endlessly, life starts to look and feel difficult. You look right and left on “LIFE’s HIGHWAY BOULEVARD” and there is no one to turn to, no one to trust, nowhere to go. This is what I call “When life Happens”.

 What do you do when life happens to you?

You don’t give up, you keep doing what you need to do, pushing through with whatever little faith you have left….

like a bridge over troubled waters, He will lay down over your troubles and you will walk over.

Trouble comes not to break you but to strengthen you.

With everything we are facing in all the different parts of the world today, life right now to most people seems scary, uncertain, and confusing or we may feel like we see no light in the tunnel based on what we are facing at that moment for trouble never comes alone, it RAINS and POURS on us dragging along its siblings and neighbors from “TROUBLE HIGHWAY NATION”. How we come out of it will depend on how we decide to face it.

It’s ok to cry but I also learnt it’s ok to accept the reality of it when you cry, then you will be able to face it and deal with it appropriately.

Trouble has no friend, Trouble loves everyone who doesn’t want itl, Trouble is and could be very loyal and consistent in it’s attacks but Faith, Perseverance, Persistence can and will build that bridge over our troubled waters.

Let Jesus be your bridge, He is mine.

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